Re-scheduling and Cancellation of Training and Refund Policy

The training program announced by WeAgile may be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control. In that case the money paid towards the training may be adjusted against the future programs.

WeAgile will try to communicate all the Trainees about the re-schedule or cancelled training program, however in the best interest the Trainee must ascertain the dates with WeAgile at least 24 Hrs. Prior to the commencement of the training. The decision to refund the money or not is at the sole discretion of WeAgile.

The liability of WeAgile for any fees paid to the training program is limited to only the amount paid for the program. Any consequential loss incurred by the attendees of the training program due to the cancellation or postponement is to be borne by the attendee.

In the event of the refund paid by WeAgile, the said payments will be made only by an Account Payee cheque, issued in the name of Trainee only, payable at Pune Maharashtra, India. WeAgile will not enter into any negotiation about the mode and the beneficiary of the payment in such events.

Delivery Policy

We may deliver the training material like books, course material or CDs by the preferential delivery mode as dim-fit by us. The person who receives the item must inspect the parcel or consignment and satisfy himself or herself that no physical damage has occurred. In case any damage is observed after opening, the person must lodge a complaint through web site or by email about the damage immediately. They should also preserve the packing with all the materials for our verification later. WeAgile will take appropriate action as per replacement and exchange policy. No complaint will be entertained if it is lodged after 48 hours of delivery.